Thursday, November 14, 2013

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I'd like to propose the following 600 to 800 word article for Pregnancy’s What’s Kickin’: News You Can Use, titled "Go Ahead and Cry, Baby!"  
Hormones can make a woman feel like laughing, screaming and crying-- all at that same time.  Combine these hormones with the fears and frustrations of pregnancy, and it’s no wonder moms-to-be sometimes feel like bawling. According to Dr. William Frey II, biochemist and author of Crying: The Mystery of Tears, pregnant women should.  Dr. Frey and many psychologists believe crying is crucial to both our mental and physical well-being. “Go Ahead and Cry, Baby!” explains:
1)  The difference between emotional tears and reflex tears (those caused by irritations such as sand or a peeled onion)
2)  Unlike reflex tears, emotional tears contain:
  • Leucine-enkephalin - Endorphins (painkillers)
  • Andrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) – An indicator of stress and related to high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.
  • Manganese - A mineral that affects mood
3)  Emotional tears remove stressors from the body
4)  Tears also contain prolactin (the same hormone that  stimulates milk production)
  • Women have more prolactin than men (50-60% more)
  •  Pregnant women have an even higher level of prolactin (making them even more prone to crying)
 5) Go ahead and cry, it’s good for you!
This article includes interviews from Dr. Frey  and psychologists, as well as comments from pregnant moms. It can be completed in two weeks or less from acceptance.  Sidebars are available if required.
I’m coauthor of the Half-Dolls Guide Book published by Hobby House Press.  I’ve published more than 300 articles in a variety of magazines, newspapers and trade journals including these national publications:  Pregnancy magazine, Family Fun, Pregnancy & Newborn and others.   I currently publish a monthly column titled “Mom’s Talk.”   My fiction has appeared in literary magazines.   My true passion is fiction/novel writing.   Clips are available upon request.
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